Zodwa Flashes Her Goodies On Stage

There is only one Zodwa Wabantu

By  | Oct 26, 2021, 04:26 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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Nothing Zodwa Wabantu does that should shock people, because at this point we already know she lives her life carefree, and does not suffer from "what will people say" syndrome. So a headline which says, "Zodwa flashes her goodies on stage" does not invite shock as a reaction.

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At a recent gig, Zodwa Wabantu took off her underwear on stage and swung it in the air, whilst wearing a skimpy, black see-through dress. She praised herself as being an authentic and genuine person, who believes that there is Zodwa Wabantu in every one. She also encouraged people to book her for events.

In another social media clip, Zodwa can be seen slapping and cussing at a partygoer on that same event she went to. She told her body guards to pull him off stage and embarrassed him in full view of everyone.

It is not clear what the culprit did but a wild guess would be he tried to grope Zodwa on stage or said something offensive. This has been worrying for a lot of her fans who fear the safety of Zodwa when she dresses in the nude, whilst in the presence of rapey men.

In lighter news, Zodwa's influence in Olefile 'Ricardo' Mpudi's life has been very evident. The young man, her Ben 10 is now getting bookings and walking on red carpets after he got involved with Zodwa Wabantu.

He and Monicah Da DJ hosted an A -listers party on Monday in Sunnyside Pretoria, at the Willas Lounge Ans Grill. He posted the advise Zodwa gave him which is to not "judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

Zodwa said Ricardo is her everything as they listen to each other attentively, "You are my Everything. I listen to you, you listen to me that’s the Biggest Motivator to love and be Great in this World."

Zodwa said if her relationship with Ricardo ends in tears, she will not be phased. "Imagine not falling in love because you are scared that it will end and you are not loving fully. You hold back fear because you are scared, no way. Life is all about living it, making mistakes, starting all over. I am going to love and give my boyfriend allowance," she says.

"As couples please tell me don't you guys assist each other with money? You don't borrow each other cars you don't plan a trip together." she asked. "If you see me I'm going to love hard, If have to have if someone stole from me then I will and if he beat me I will say," she continued.

This is her third public relationship with a younger man, and we hope this one does not end on a sour note like the last one with Vusi. Zodwa went on an Instagram rant and said Vusi allegedly acquired a car endorsement from Audi using her name.

“I am not scared of you. Listen here, the police are looking for you. I can see you still you want me. I have proof, you are a fraudster, I have a case against you. I can’t believe I dated a fraudster, why are you so angry?” said a furious Zodwa.

They have since threatened each other over legal actions.

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