Zodwa Wabantu Slams DBN Gogo

Zodwa is not impressed at all!

By  | Nov 27, 2022, 02:27 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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Taking to Instagram, Zodwa Wabantu expressed anger and disappointment over recent pictures taken of her at groove. DBN Gogo caught heat over this but it's only because it was her event. 

Zodwa is fuming after ugly pictures of her went viral. She slammed DBN Gogo's photographers for taking such ugly pictures of her at her album listening session. 

“So I was invited by @dbngogo Album Listening Session. This is the Picture she sent me Now. Girl, it’s your work, I can never look Bad. Fire that Camera Men or Woman. I’m the Wrong One to Pick @dbngogo. DBNGogo I Can never look Bad because your Team Makes me, Banganya. This was This Thursday,” she captioned the ugly picture she spoke of. 
DBN Gogo reacted to this with humour and said she sent her links to the good looking images.

"Skhokho I sent you the link to the actual images. I love you nomayini." 

Zodwa has been trending for allegedly missing out on gigs. She would get into trouble with promoters over these missed gigs. 

However she went to Instagram and revealed that she is going through a tough time but at least she has a good friend in her corner, Dladla Mshunqisi. "My friend, Thank you very much. With all that I face on a daily basis, I knew that the ancestors chose me. Being hard headed is over." 

In the video she is crying and thanked him saying, "My friend thank you so much. They can ask themselves what is that you did for me."

Clarifying what she meant by the video, Zodwa told Daily Sun, that she is going through so much and said Dladla is a very true friend to her. 
"I'm not going to mention them one by one. But I'm going through a lot," she said. "He is a true friend of mine. I trust him with everything. He has proven to be more than just my best friend, but a brother to me," she added. 
She then also thanked her ancestors  "My ancestors are always with me in whatever challenge I'm going through. I respect them and they provide for me," she added. 
The publication reached out to Dladla Mshunqisi and got his side of the story, "We understand each other. She has shown me nothing but love. I respect her for who she is and she does the same for me. It's not about what I've done for her but rather what we do for each other," he said. 

Her personal problems saw her getting slammed by promoters. “I am beyond angry. I trusted her because she didn’t seem like a person who would take my money and run. What makes me angrier is that I didn’t call her. She called me to ask if I could hook her up with two gigs in Mpumalanga. The one was in Ermelo and she came late but in Bethal she just didn’t pitch up. If I couldn’t defend myself, I would have been beaten by the club owners because of her no-show,” he told the publication.

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