The truth about Zola's "financial troubles"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Zola 7  | Drama

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In perhaps his most candid interview yet, Zola has shared some of his lowest moments with V Entertainment's Siyabonga Ngwekazi. The Ayeye actor - who wrote his own character - and former TV presenter spoke openly about his alleged disappearance from the industry and about being broke.

On why he's been missing in action for a while, Zola told Siyabonga: "Kunabantu (there are people) who've got the power of writing. Some of them have got ama-diploma (diplomas), and they are excited about Rosebank and Sandton. They go to Rosebank and Sandton, and they don't see certain people in Rosebank and Sandton so they think those people have disappeared."

The Kwaito singer said he he still commands the majority of fans, adding: "I'm LSM four not six. If you want to see me go to Panyaza, if you want to see me in Cape Town go to Kwa Mzoli. If you go to Zola or anywhere in Soweto people will tell you 'are you crazy saying that this man is not available because he is always here'."

A lot has also been said and written about Zola's financial situation, with some people alleging that he's broke, down and out. Speaking about this, Zola explained: "There was a time when I was sitting on the sofa with an accountant and my lawyer and everything was on point. But the state took R650 000 away from me..."

He continued: "What people don't know in this country is that I spent about R 4,5 million of my money paying for season eight of my show [Zola 7]. I haven't been paid. I'm sitting here, people talking about Zola being broke, I paid... for the love of my people, for season eight."

When asked if he's forgiven those who've wronged him, Zola replied: "I don't have the right to hate or not to forgive. All I know is that everyone who f**ed me up is not doing well. I think I'm doing better than a sh*t load of black people but that is not going to be known."

He seems to have made peace with his misfortunes as he believes it was important to go through everything he's experienced.

"It is very important to be nailed. The whole idea is to survive the storm," he added.

He said he doesn't think there's a single person in SA who would like to got through what he went through.

This is the most explicit and candid we've ever seen Zola. Do you think he should have forgiven the people who wronged him?

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