DVD review: Jack Reacher

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

What’s the story?  
Lee Child (real name Jim Grant) has managed to sell millions of his Jack Reacher books and has in total written 19 books so far (which will make movie franchise fans really happy!)
This movie, is loosely based on the plot of One Shot, Child’s ninth Reacher novel. A sniper fires into a crowd and kills five people. An arrest is made. But then the suspect simply writes a note stating 'Get Jack Reacher'. Reacher arrives on the scene, intent on proving the suspect did in fact commit the crime. But two and two don’t add up and soon Reacher is assisting an attorney, the daughter of the prosecutor in the case, to get to the truth.
Who’s in it?
Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher. Although fans of the books balked when they heard Cruise was going to play the part (in the books, Reacher is six foot five and we all know Cruise comes up a little short), he really delivers and gives the character a depth and a likability that has you rooting for him throughout, even though very little is revealed about him. Rosamund Pike and her eyebrows play the part of Helen Rodin, the attorney trying to prove her client is innocent.
Richard Jenkins plays her dad, the prosecutor and newcomer Jai Courtney (Bruce Willis’s son in A Good Day To Die Hard) plays the part of Charlie, one of the bad guys. Robert Duvall makes an appearance because clearly, playing rummy at the old age home is not for him. But the surprise is the appearance of celebrated Bavarian filmmaker Werner Herzog as crimelord The Zec.
Who’s the director?
Christopher McQuarrie, the creative genius who wrote The Usual Suspects.
What will you remember?
Cruise’s performance… his throw-away dialogue that sticks… and one helluva laugh-out-loud scene in which two bad guys try and attack Reacher with hilarious consequences. It is ridiculously funny and comes as such a surprise in a movie like this, that it actually puts a lot of comedies’ attempts to be funny to a shame.  
What’s the best scene?
If you like your car chases, you’ll be spoilt with the one where Reacher is being chased by the police while he’s after two baddies in a silver Audi. And Tom Cruise, aged 50, did all of his own stunt driving!

What’s the best line? 
When Reacher is confronted by a group of guys in a restaurant/bar, the following dialogue takes place.:
Jeb: Hey, outside! 
Jack Reacher: Pay your check first. 
Jeb: I'll pay later. 
Jack Reacher: You won't be able to. 
What other movies does it compare with?
The Bourne films, Safe, a few of the Bonds.
With what piece of information can you impress your friends with?
Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Vince Vaughn, Jamie Foxx and Will Smith were considered for the role of Jack Reacher before Tom Cruise was cast.
What type of …………………………… would this movie be?
Car: A KIA… it’s got the power to surprise.
Animal: A cat. Independent and if you mess with it the claws come out.
Kid at school: The cool kid loner which could settle an argument with just a look.
Toy: A lucky packet… you’re not sure what’s gonna be inside, but then you find something you really like.
Famous person: One that likes to stay out of the limelight. 
What did others have to say?
Bourne and Bond had better watch their backs. Total Film
Jack Reacher is part Sherlock Holmes, part Terminator, part James Bond, part Littlest Hobo. Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise deliver on their promise, with a witty, violent take on Reacher that makes up for its lack of height with an abundance of smarts and thrills. www.empireonline.com
This is Cruise's show. And he nails it. The patented smile is gone, replaced by a glower that makes Jack Reacher a dark and dazzling ride into a new kind of hell. www.rollingstone.com