This Is What Faith Eats In A Day!

Junk, Junk and more Junk.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Faith "Queen Twerk" Nketsi 

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With Faith's slim figure, one would assume that she's on that healthy tip, but nah home girl is packing junk in her trunk!

Reality television star and upcoming rapper, Faith Nketsi has admitted to having a bad eating habit. The media personality recounted the various and unhealthy foods that she ate on a particular day. And boy was it a lot!

On a particular day in March 2020, Faith treated herself to four chicken wings and a wrap from KFC, 6 crispy doughnuts, coco pops, Wimpy champion burger, cashew noodles... Sheesh!

Faith might not have this diet thing on lockdown (who does, vele?) but there are other aspects of her health that Sis is quite pedantic about - her skin!

She is a regular at Dr Sandy Medical Aeshtics, whereby a series of routine skin care is performed on her, using the latest and most effective skin treatments.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@faithnketsi
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