Switch it up! Look like Bonang without breaking the bank

We all want to look like we take shopping trips to Hong Kong but the fact is, we don't!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Fashion

Look like Bonang on a budget

Listen. In this here world of flexing for the 'gram and 24-hour posing, looking your best becomes a prerequisite, but unlike our favs, most of us can't drop top Randela every few weeks just to put clothes on our backs. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't at least try to look our best at all times! Here are a few ideas on how to pimp up your closet, and keep your clothes looking fresh and new without having to venture into that 32-day notice account every now and again. 

Keep it simple stupid

Keep it simple, stupid!

This is the best saying in the English language, and it works pretty well when it comes to styling. That bejewelled t-shirt, or sparkling sequined top might look amazeballs on a mannequin, but trust when we say if it's cheap, it will probably look as much after a single wash. They don't call cheap fashion 'fast fashion' for nothing! Distressed, stonewashed denim? Stay away from all of that. When it's cheap, it will look cheap. Too much detail just doesn't look great on cheap items after one or two washes. Rather avoid it. The same goes for accessorising - keep it simple. Stacking up three or four cheap bracelets might seem to you like it makes it impactful, but it really just makes you look like you're trying too hard. Keep it at one!

Investment pieces are important

Investment pieces are the real deal!

Okay, so we don't know how much this jacket Bonang has over her shoulder was, but we know she loves wearing it because it makes a frequent appearance on her 'grams. Our advise to you would be to go ahead and buy that expensive leather jacket, or shoe, or whatever item that can be the focus of your look while everything else could have been bought for close to nothing. Tip: Hardly anyone will notice if you're wearing a cheap pair of jeans (provided they are clean, of course), but fabrication is often a dead giveaway when it comes to jackets of all kinds. Don't even get us started on cheap shoes. How often are you honestly planning on replacing shoes? Not a lot? Then buy good shoes that will last you a lifetime!

Don't wash your clothes too much

Washing your clothes a lot wears them out very quickly. Colour fades, and fabrics lose their stretch. So, must you walk around smelly or with dirt marks on your clothes? Not at all! If there's a mark somewhere on an item, use a toothbrush or sponge to clean that particular spot. If something starts to smell, stick it in the freezer and hang it out to dry instead of popping it in the washing machine. This is especially true for denim. Make it a habit to wash your denims only once every few months. Just remember to pop them in the freezer to get rid of the smell after wearing them a few times.

Get a steamer!

After washing, ironing is the fastest way to wear clothes out, and many synthetic fabrics can't be ironed anyway, so why not invest in a steamer instead to get rid of wrinkles rather than ironing every time? Also, isn't ironing just, like, so time consuming?

Fade to black

Fade to black

You have to be one serious fashion disaster to look bad in black. In fact, cancel even trying anything if you look bad in black. The thing with colour is that it easily looks cheap on low-quality material, but black doesn't, as long as it's clean, you're good to go.

Good underwear will always make you feel great!

Great underwear will always make you feel good

We totes understand! You don't have your own underwear range? We don't either, but just because no one sees it, doesn't mean you get to get away with cheap, ugly underwear. Maybe you have been doing so for a while, who know, but trust us when we say great underwear will always make you feel like a million bucks! Great, well-fitting underwear also creates a smooth silhouette under you clothes, whereas bra-lines or visible panty lines can make your clothing look ill-fitting even when it isn't.

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