FVCK: Fashion with a statement

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Ely Lensley  | Fashion

One brand that is making waves in the world of underground fashion is FVCK. The provocative, exciting brand was founded towards the end of 2012 by Ely Lensley- a 19 year old fashion designer. While the brand appears to be sharp and perhaps a little crass, Lensley explains that this is far from the purpose of his label. 

While the brand's name "FVCK,"at first glance may seem to be a play on the highly derogatory (Similarly spelt!) curse word, the brand in fact stands for something a lot more meaningful. FVCK stands for "Forget-Violence-Create-Kings". Lensley was inspired to find this acronym by an article he encountered a few months prior to the birth of his brand.

The article focused on concepts of "Marketing Hypnosis" and its effect on effective brand recognition. The name may be eye catching, but its meaning is in fact to prohibit violence while condoning progress and positivity.

Nearly a year later, the brand is emerging as one of the biggest growing fashion brands in the country and already has several representatives who are proudly associating themselves with the brand. DJ Simtronic, who we interviewed last month, is FVCK's latest ambassadorial recruit. Other brand ambassadors include TJ (Running with the reps) and DJ Stumz.

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