The Evolution Of South Africa's Hip Hop Fashion

These rappers have always been fashion forward.

By  | Aug 25, 2020, 03:33 PM  | Fashion

When one thinks about the general aesthetics of hip hop, images of baggy jeans, snapback caps, oversized tops and vintage sneakers, certainly come to mind. 

The mentioned clothing pieces existed during a particular era of hip-hop, whereby it was almost impossible not to easily spot a hip-hop head.

However, in recent times, the world has observed a rather interesting evolution of fashion within the sphere of hip-hop. A few of these varied artists are South African. It has, therefore, become apparent that this new batch of super stylish artists is forging an unconventional hip hop look. 

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These eye-catching trends range from unusual pairing of clothes and a combination of unmatching colours, totalling in new and modern twists of style Interpretation.

Today’s edition of “Now & Then” features five impressive South African hip-hop stars that has carved a new style narrative around hip hop clothing. These select few artists have proven to be fashion forward in their dress senses, almost creating trends that could make massive comebacks in years to come.

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#1 Riky Rick – This rapper’s fashion style could be described as eccentric. Riky is clearly not afraid of taking risks as he often fuses unconventional pieces of clothing to express himself.

#2 Anatii: This multitalented artist has always had his own way of expressing himself through fashion. His style is mostly simple hence he hardly shies away from switching things up by adding daring pieces to his outfits. Anatii has mastered the art of rocking the “jeans and t-shirts” look, quite effortlessly.

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#3 K.O: Although this rapper does not have quite a long style timeline, he sure has grown into having a strong yet casual fashion sense. In his music video for “MS2”the rapper is seen in a two piece grey fitted suit and white crisp shirt, he however switched things up by pairing formal wear with sleek white sneakers, now that goes to show that he is not afraid to take fashion risks.

To add to his swag, K.O has further experimented with neon inspired clothing.

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#4 Mashayabhuqe Ka Mamba – In his mini-documentary ‘’Ududumo Luka Mashayabhuqe”, this rapper shared how he does not consider himself a fashionista however that does not stop him from looking all things fly with different high end vintage clothing pieces, even going as far as experimenting with Avant Garde couture. Mashayabhuqe sources his clothes from different department stores including Top Shop. His signature hat previously belonged to his grandfather, which adds another layer to his love of preserving heritage through fashion.

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#5 Okmalumkoolkat – The Umswenkofontein hit maker, has an entire song dedicated to his taste and love for fashion, that alone should indicate to us how much fashion plays a pivotal part in his art. The eccentric rapper is set to release his new clothing range from his ‘Spovagang’ line. Okmalumkoolkat is not one to follow trends, he sets them.

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