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Get fit with Khabonina.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Khabonina Qubeka  | Fashion

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Spring is approaching which means summer body season is on its way, but getting that amazing summer body just sounds like a lot of work right?. 

Well, we recently read an article on Longevity about 4 great reasons to eat healthy which we reckoned would be the first step to that summer body goal.

Switching from unhealthy junk to healthy alternatives might not be the easiest thing but it reduces your calorie intake which in turn would mean weight loss but not only would you lose weight, but you would have more energy to face the day to get your grind on, gain good muscle - in the right places - and the ultimate bonus would be looking good and getting that extra glow, now why would you say no to that?

Need a little extra motivation? Here’s someone who inspires a healthy lifestyle:

Award winning actress Khabonina Qubeka who was one of the first celebrities to release a fitness DVD, is one personality to get you thinking, what the health! But the results are still motivating, with her posting pictures of her amazing body after a healthy lunch of  boiled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce and ginger tea, you’re bound to be converted to a healthier lifestyle.

Inspiring exercising as well the choreographer blends two forces that she’s most famous for, dancing and extreme Yoga stretching which is where the term #YogaGroove is coined, with her Instagram full of solutions to getting rid of the #Mkhaba, Kabodacious makes exercising fun with her whimsical personality and energy in every post. Check out some easy stretches to boost your health on Longevity.

But just in case you are not that ambitious about your summer body or just don’t have much time try something that's effective, easy and quick right here.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Khabonina_q

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