L-Tido has the weirdest haircare advice

Is this really how you take care of dreads?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | L-Tido  | Fashion

L-Tido has never been the most predictable celebrity on social media and he proved it once again when he gave an innocent tweep some bizarre haircare advice. 

When a celebrity hits back with a spicy response on social media, we can usually understand. Most of the time, the response will have been provoked by an insulting or abusive tweet from an anonymous user. Celebrities are human too, and if people are willing to dish out the heat, our stars should have the right to reply in the same manner. 

But there are times when our celeb responses are a little puzzling, and L-Tido’s tweet this week falls into this category. The rapper was asked (quite innocently) for advice on how to maintain dreads:

The Dlala ka Yona superstar could have responded in any manner; he could have even ignored the tweet altogether! But we were NOT expecting the response that came from the rapper’s fingers: 

Many people have pointed out that his response was unneccessarily harsh, considering that the tweep was asking for advice in a polite manner. 

Luckily, the tweep in question saw the funny side of Tido’s response: 

But we still need to help our friend @Wyne_Terry out! Do you have any haircare tips for people with dreads ?

Main image credit: Instagram/@l_tido