Muvhango's McDonald Ndou is not the shiny suits type of guy in real life

McDonald's sense of style is way better than KK's ghastly suits.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Macdonald Ndou  | Fashion

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K.K's shirt

Whenever KK a.k.a McDonald Ndou from Muvhango is mentioned in a conversation, all we can think of is those near-blinding shiny suits and bright-coloured shirts he wears on the show.

However, throughout the years we've come to know that McDondald is actually quite the stylish gentleman who knows a thing or two about a well-tailored suit that is not blinding to the eye.

The shiny suits he used to wear definitely dented his image for a while, but thank goodness McDonald has moved from looking like a knight in shining armour.


To this very handsome man who knows how to put together an impressive outfit for the day.

McDonald Ndou1

Even when he heads out to church, he has to wear his Sunday's best.

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Sunday's Best

We're guessing this is his Saturday outfit when going out with the boys. 

Mcdonald Ndou

An up close look at his look. Is it us, or has McDonald buffed up a bit? 

suspender belt bowtie

Blue looks good on him but we're not too sure about the shiny tie, don't go back to your old ways McDonald please! 

McDonald Blue

Two thumbs up for this suit! McDonald hit it right on the nail with this one. Absolutely love this outfit, whoever is styling him right now is doing an amazing job.

KK nice suit

He has quality taste in shoes as well, this is a closer look at the shoes he's wearing in the above photo.


McDonald is a classic man indeed, thank goodness he doesn't wear those shiny suits in real life.

Classic Man
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