Nasty C's bad haircut

Is this why he named his album 'Bad Hair' 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nasty C  | Fashion

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Nasty C's bad haircut

Everybody knows there's nothing that ruins your day more than bad hair... 

Whether you're male or female, having a hairdresser ruin your hair pretty much ruins everything. And sometimes, you can't even say you hate it so you just leave the salon/barbershop with a sad face, pretending as though everything is okay. 

This is exactly what happened to rapper, Nasty C, who recently got a haircut that he's not too happy with. He live tweeted his reaction to the bad job and even captured himself trying to fix it and hide the mess temporarily. 

As a rapper, he has become known for having the freshest haircuts, usually given to him by Legends Barbershop, but maybe he cheated on them and you know what they say about cheating on your barber... 

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