60K For A Rich Mnisi Xibelani Skirt?

Social media is stunned by the pricey Rich Mnisi clothing

By  | Feb 02, 2021, 05:04 PM  | Rich Mnisi  | Fashion

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Rich Mnisi was definitely not fumbling his bag when he added the 'Rich' in his name as he knew his target market pretty well. The successful young designer is known for his exorbitantly priced clothes that have many questioning who exactly is his target market.

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Topping the Twitter trends recently, Rich Mnisi shocked many when he added a Xibelani skirt to his website worth a whopping R59 999.
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A Xibelani skirt is mostly worn by Tsonga women from the Limpopo province in northern South Africa. A very popular star who wears the colourful skirt and embraces her culture is the energetic rapper Sho Madjozi.

According to his website, Rich describes what makes the garment pricey, "it is crafted from 5km of 100% Merino Wool knotted onto nickel plated d-rings attached to a leather waist belt." It is also made from " 100% merino wool and  100% genuine Calf Nappa leather."

This is part of his 2021 collection called Hiya Kaya 21, this collection celebrates the vaTsonga culture and their colourful clothing.

His jaw dropping prices received a lot of hilarious reactions with a tweep saying, "Rich Mnisi is selling Xibelani skirt for R59 Tauzen (thousand) 9 hundred and 99!! Lapho a fresh 2nd hand Toyota Avanza cost 57 Tauzen (R57 000)..Imagine me walking around Looking like Sho Madjozi instead of Driving and making money!!"

Another was in disbelief and said, "If anyone knows what it takes to be Rich Mnisi target market, please share the information. We gotta be able to support local at all levels."

Defending the award winning designer, a tweep wrote “If LV can put a R15 000 price tag on a plastic face shield with their logo then why can't Rich Mnisi put a R60 000 price tag on Xibelani?"

Another said people should just move right along to less expensive clothing and leave Mnisi alone, “MaXhosa and Rich Mnisi isn’t for everyone hey. Like it’s okay that their prices are like that because those are luxury brands just like Gucci or Fendi. People that afford just swipe and leave. Honestly, the chat is tired, ”

He also previously made headlines when revealed his face masks which cost R2 000. Rich Mnisi debuted five luxury masks called  ALKEBULAN, meaning "mother of mankind" - an ancient name of Africa.

The masks ranged from R399 with the most expensive being the Swarovski Crystals Cherry Leopard mask costing R1999.

"The Azania face mask range is an extension to the Rich Mnisi ALKEBULAN collection which we launched earlier last year before the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The wearing of masks are a preventive measure and a new standard to how we need to live moving forward," the designer said at the time.
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