Kids that would excel at the Kotini Academy

Stylish kids who know how to rock those threads.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Fashion

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We find out which kids would be worthy to enter Ricky Rick's prestigious Kotini Academy.

Most parents, if not all, love dressing their kids in the best clothes money can buy, even those who cannot afford such clothes, we're sure if they could they would lace their child in the best threads the fashion world has ever seen.

 Riky Ricky recently shared a picture of himself dressed very well (as always) and he captioned the image "Kotini Acadamy is now open for registration"

The reaction from his followers was hilarious, with people offering themselves as volunteers.

So we've seen a lot of pictures of kids swagged out in their best church clothes, so we had to do a count-down of kids who deserve to enter Riky Rick's Kotini Academy.

Ok so this might be a bit biased but shame, seeing that his dad is the principle of Kotini Academy it's only fair we add Maik on the list as one of the first kids to enter the academy.

Come on guys it makes sense and look at how cute he is with his tiny waist-coat and fresh hair cut.


He might not be South African but remember how well Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason used to dress as a baby?

The kardashian Christmas card 2 years ago 🎄

A photo posted by ★mason, penelope, reign★ (@disick.children) on

Oh but wait...hold up...then there's Thapelo Mokoena's son, Reko who stays serving us some serious Earth Child vibes.


He's so cute we had to add him twice.


If you're the parent of this young fella right here, thank you for sharing this picture he definitely deserves to be in the Kotini Academy, Riky Rick, this young man needs a pass, please. Those chino pants, the shiny carvella shoes the leopard print shirt, dripping swagoo!


Oh and let's not act like Tbo Touch's son Zuri, does not deserve a place in this prestigious school...wait...are those Gucci sneakers?


We don't know this young man, but he would cause a lot of problems in the Kotini Academy, the peer pressure he would bring at school would be unfair to the rest of the Kotini students.

Kotini students

Please share some of your potential Kotini Academy students with us in the comments section so we can see which kids Riky Rick should consider for his academy.

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