Four tweeps you have to follow in 2018

If you're not already following these people, you're using Twitter the wrong way 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM 

Tweeps to follow in 2018

The great thing about a well-curated timeline is that it can be anything you need it to be whenever you need it - entertaining, informative, funny and relatable. The key to achieving this balance is to be selective about who you follow.  

Often times, people complain about only seeing a certain thing on their timelines and that is how you know they have not mastered the art of curating who to follow. 'Unfollow,' 'follow,' 'block,' and 'mute' are an option for a reason and one should switch between them as often as possible to get just the right mix going on the TL.

Here at ZAlebs, we interact with the following people/accounts so often, we felt as though we should share our faves to brighten up your timelines (if you weren't already following them).  

1. Thabo Bluebird 

Twitter handle: @SirBluebird

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You may recognize Thabo as Lorna Maseko's co-presenter on the SABC 3 show, The Hostess but there is more to the presenter than meets the eye. His personality is as multi-faceted as is interests are and it if for that reason that we enjoy following him. 

Whether it's #ANC54, Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy announcement or a regular Sunday, Mafisa is bound to say something that will either catch your attention or make you laugh.

When you're not stalking his timeline and watching the hilarious videos he posts, you can catch Thabo on the reruns of the first season episodes of The Hostess every Wednesday night at 20h30. 

They will commence filming for season two in January 2018 and the new season will follow a similar format to season one. The only difference with season two is that they will be inviting viewers to also feature on the show while Thabo and Lorna oversee whatever event they may need to host. 

Those who would like to feature on season two of The Hostess can find the show's official pages on social media where the information will be posted when the time comes. 

2. Portia Gumede 

Twitter handle: @portiagumedesa

Portia Gumede

A lot of Twitter users are familiar with the name but not the face as the folding directors chair in her Twitter avi has become symbolic of the name. 

portia gumede twitter

While Gumede's primary role is that of scriptwriter for some of South Africa's most successful, she also occupies an impromptu role as one of the members of the board of Black Twitter. 

Gumede's timeline is equal parts witty, informative, hilarious and shady. 

3. Thula Sindi 

Twitter handle: @thulasindi

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Like Gumede, the acclaimed designer's timeline is equal parts witty, informative, hilarious and shady. And when he's not low-key stunting on us, Sindi keeps us nodding in agreement with mst of the sentiments he shares. 

Speaking of Sindi...

4. Dr. Sindisiwe Van Zyl 

Twitter handle: @sindivanzyl

Dr. Sindisiwe Van Zyl

GP Dr. Sindi Van Zyl is one of the most important gems on the TL. When she's not blowing our minds with medical information and guiding tweeps through whatever medical queries or worries they may have via DM, she fighting for her patients in any which way she can. 

Make sure to hit that Twitter button if you ever land on any of these timelines. 

Main image credit: by Jerri Mokgofe