By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

RIGHT. We are feeling generous and we are giving away TWO pairs of Cinecentre Tickets. That means the winner receives TWO tickets, and there will be TWO winners. 

How to win? 

1. Pick a movie that is CURRENTLY on the circuit.

2. Pick a local celebrity.

3. Make a clever pun by combining the two.

For example.

Man Of Steel + Minnie Dlamini = MINNIE. OF. STEEL (That was ridiculously lame, but then again, we’re not trying to win.)

How to enter:

Twitter: Tweet @Zalebs with the hashtag #ZalebsMovies
Facebook: Comment on the post you found this competition.

The two best puns (As decided by an independent panel of adjudicators) Win the tickets.

Let’s Do It !

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