How did your Idols SA top 9 perform?

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The show kicked off with Durban girl Crystalene singing a song from the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, interpreting the hit Stronger. Gareth said he was not thrilled and Randall thought her singing was flat. I have to agree with Randall here. Where is that sweet voice that gave us Somewhere Over The Rainbow? bring back the melody Crystalene.

Musa had the crowd going with his version of a local hit, Ndiyagodola from Ringo Madlingozi. I love his performance. I found it authentic and the song was a perfect fit for his voice. Gareth said: "I really liked that and I really like you, and I’ll tell you why, ... that song is very right, and it speaks to me." 

Benjamin was up next with The Scientist by British idols Coldplay. Unathi likened him to a howling wolf, and Randall called for a reality check, because it is Idols and not True Blood. Ouch! Although he would make a cute vampire, I don't know if Benjamin will be around next week Sunday.

Brenden went for his idols hit Anthony Hamilton’s Her Heart. Unathi seemed in love again but I totally agreed with her crit. Unathi said: "Any woman will want to have a man say that to her if he had done her wrong. You surrendered to the song. Perfection. Perfection..."

Sonke went with Zonke’s hit Jikizinto. Randall praised the singer: "You’ve been developing through this competition, and as a matter of opinion, amongst the guys, I think you are the one to beat." I really enjoyed his performance. It is great to see local songs featuring in the selection and honestly, the local tracks were much nicer than the international attempts.

Christina picked Try from Pink and as much as she tried, I just thought she sounded like she was crying in the shower rather than giving us her best perfomance. 

Hayi, then we come to Innocent! Innocent also went a with a Coldplay song. But he chose the popular Paradise and I am sure when he was done he wanted to escape to a prviate island and bury his head in the sand. Randall said: "The singing wasn't great, it was really flaky, especially on the lower notes."

Standing on a piano (I wonder if this is even legal to put your toes on such a wonderful instrument), Zoe tried to give a heartfelt rendition of Love The Way You Lie from Rihanna. Gareth thought: "I think your performance was the best, it was very striking and alluring. You're on a roll!" I don't know what Gareth was smoking when he said this. The best? No-one beat Bunny, but Zoe looked cute so I will give her five out of 10 for effort.

Closing off the show was Bunny. She went for the classic hit from Tina Turner Proud Mary. "It is such an honour to sit here and watch you each week," Unathi said. Randall started a trend last week, singing to her, and this week he carried on by sining another Tina Turner hit What's Love Got to Do With It. We know who will be signing with Universal...

Bunny is amazing. She has a powerful voice, always chooses the right songs and can work a stage. Bunny does not need to worrry about going home this week. Honestly, she does not need to worry about going home ever.

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