Idols girls raise the bar and the hemline

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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I did not know what to expect yesterday when the Idols theme song started and Proverb poppped up in his very fitting suit (a little too fitting actually). Randall's dress-code was also quite interesting. He has the face of a grumpy grandfather who can't find his pen to fill in the daily crossword, yet he looked quite hot in that pin-striped jacket. Not Channing Tatum hot but as hot as Randall can be.
Gareth Cliff and Unathi were ok. My reason for starting off with the fashion is because I noticed the Idols contestants and Proverb are dressed by Truworths, Identity and YDE. This had me guessing just which shop stocked Bunny's clothing. Her voice was amazing, her performance of Let Her Go (from Passenger) amazing but the red belt with a green jacket and a black and white striped dress just had me confused. 
Then there was the hot Zoe. She belted out that Fantasia song. I never knew Fantasia sang Lose To Win. I actually might give it a listen now. Anyway Zoe really had me feeling the song but then as my husband pointed out, her dress was too short and too tight. 
Another voice lost on the sexy clothing was Christina Williams. She sang Clown from British neo-soul songstress Emeli Sandé, and while she started off a bit bland she had me singing along by the chorus. I just wondered if she could walk in that dress.

Amy's version of Brand New Me (Alicia Keys) was not the best. I thought she sounded a little flat but my brother loved her yellow polka dot dress and when I asked what he thought of the song he replied 'who cares, she looks hots'.
When Tauna sang One Direction’s One Way or Another, two of the three judges were impressed. Gareth thought she handled a complicated song well, simply because she is so quirky. Tauna is just strange so I can't say much about her clothing choice. It was strange just like her. Her song choice however, not the greatest. I could see Tauna singing Joan Osborne's One Of Us or Icona Pop's I Love It.
Being a Durban girl, I was routing for Crystalene but when she opened her mouth and said Come and Get It, I was really disappointed. Dressed like a lady, I was hoping Crystalene would sing Beyonce's Listen or Mariah Carey's Hero. Picking a Selena Gomez song was, in my opinion, not the best song choice. So I seriously think Randall was blinded by Crystalene's bling bling when he said she picked a great song. Even Unathi thought it was a great song choice for her, and said it was a sensual interpretation of the hit. My vote is on Crystalene being in the bottom three.

While I really did not like Carla's skirt, I loved her performance. Here is a woman who uses her voice to get noticed and not her legs. Her take on Brave from Sara Bareilles really set the bar high for the other performers. Gareth said it was a very nice start. “You got a very nice energy on stage, a lovely ability to engage the crowd. I love the material, the words speak to me. I love it,” he said. Unathi said she was a tall act to follow while Randall said the boys really do have stiff competition from the girls.
What's my gripe then? If we the viewers are seeing these ladies with their very short, tight dresses, imagine what the audience are seeing? if you are in the front row I am sure you are getting a lot more than a singing show.
The guys come out in loose fitting T-shirts, smart pants and some even wear jackets. Why must the ladies be dressed like they need to naked or in bright colours to get you to vote?
Well, you have until tomorrow to vote. Good luck to the ladies.
Charis Apelgren


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