#Imbewu: Could Thu Sheleni Be Related To MaNdlovu?

The dots are slowly coming together.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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Those that have been carefully following etv's Imbewu:The Seed  must have surely noted just how sad and frustrating Thu Sheleni's journey to self discovery has been. On the outset he is visibly Indian however upon close inspection, one could sense that there is more to this multi faceted character than meets the eye, and there are bouts of depth in his character.

Some time last year, the writers of the show revealed a paternal storyline regarding Thu Sheleni's journey as he discovered that his Aunt is Nirupa. Now that, that's out of the way, he was also told that he is a Ndlovu, as that is his Maternal side of the family's surname. Just as the viewers were excited to learn more about the origins of this Zulu speaking Indian, his storyline was put on ice as new characters were being introduced.

Fast forward to the year 2019, the chronicles of Thu Sheleni are slowly unravelling. On last night's episode, trusted Sangoma, Mkhulu Macingwane told Thu that he needs to find his maternal side of the family as his true identity lies there and that his grandmother is still alive.  Macingwane did not say anything about the Ndlovu surname, however when one tracks back to last year's revelation,  it would make total sense if Thu Sheleni's only living grandmother is none other than the Bhengu matriarch,  MaNdlovu.

According to Macingwane, he explained to Thu that his father had not paid lobolo(dowry) for his mother, therefore culturally, that means he still ''belongs'' to the maternal side of the family, which happens to the Ndlovu's. All the while Thu has been using the Varma surname, with these new revelations, viewers might have to now view Thu in a different light as he might be transitioning to claim his Zulu side of the family and lineage.

Much more drama is expected from this interesting and peculiar storyline.

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