Imbewu The Seed: kaMandonsela Dies

Her exit was emotional

By  | May 11, 2022, 10:09 AM 

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Imbewu The Seed viewers have been left deeply saddened by Brenda Mhlongo's character’s death in the eTV drama series.

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Brenda portrayed the character of Priscilla kaMandonsela Bhengu, and she finally met her demise during last night's episode. kaMandonsela's death caught viewers off guard as she died after having a dream that the church was burning.

Twitter has been abuzz following her exit which was not befitting for the character she played. Tweeps have weighed in on her anti-climax climax exit and it appears they were expecting a banging exit, but we guess they couldn't film it as the actress recently left the show.

Brenda recently dumped the show following reports that she apparently choking a producer on set. According to a report on Sunday World, everyone on set was shocked at the incident, and the producer called for help.

When asked why she apparently choked the producer, Brenda said "she got caught up in her character and the dlozi took over." The alleged toxic working environment on Imbewu were exposed by a source. Apparently things are bad at the production since a new management took over. It is reported that some employees are taking antidepressants because they cannot cope.

“The new management brought with them very rude and unprofessional crew members who are treating actors and other people like crap.”

“Many people have been on depression pills since the new management took over.”

“The work environment is no longer enjoyable, and people are scared to talk because they do not want to be fired as the new management does not like to be challenged," a source told the publication.

Brenda is on to greener pastures as she is joining Mzansi Magic's hit telenovela The River. She will play the character of Nomafu. According to a statement released by the production "Beneath her shiny and well-groomed exterior, Nomafu is a tough woman who has clawed her way out of poverty. She’s a terrible stepmother but she knows how to clean money – and she’s set to become Lindiwe Dikana’s biggest rival yet.

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