Inspired! Young black South Africans are traveling the world

Which country would you like to visit?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

K Naomi

Don’t you just laugh when those bitter people say, “Thailand is the new Durban” or “Greece is the new Thailand”? It’s very funny and sad because, wow! Can we let other kids live and spend their money the way they want to? Also, travelling the world, no matter where you go really does change you as a person. Sadly, those bitter betties will never know this!

Anyway, this article is about celebrating the fact that young black South Africans are exploring the world one country at a time. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch because years ago, the only travelling some of us did was to our grandparents’ homes during school holidays. So, of course, we’re going to scream and get excited when we see our peers going to Thailand, Bali, Paris, Santorini or even Zimbabwe.

We understand that not everyone has the privilege of going to another country because of different reasons. However, we hope that one day we’ll all be able to save enough money (no matter how long it takes), hop on a plane and explore the world.

Check out some young black people having the time of their lives overseas.

K Naomi in New York

Khanya Mkangisa in Dubai

Blue Mbombo in Santorini

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Minnie Dlamini in Paris

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Amanda du-Pont in the Maldives

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Tumi Voster living her best island life

Now before you point out the obvious and say, “ah, but these are celebrities”, we know! As we mentioned before, not everyone can afford to just go out of the country and we totally understand it.

However, it’s not as impossible as some might think it is. There are some travel packages that will not cost you an arm and a leg. All you need to do is to save money, even if you start with R500. Also, plan and commit. You will eventually reach your target and then next thing you know, you’re sipping cocktails in Bali. Go out there and enjoy the world!

Main image credit: Instagram/@KNaomiN