#Isibaya: Viewers taken aback by Sunday Nkabinde's mubiza comment

Imagine having someone call your child mubiza (ugly)

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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Well, that's exactly what Sunday Nkabinde did during Friday's action-packed episode of Isibaya.

If you haven't watched Isibaya for a while, you've seriously been missing out on a lot of entertainment.

To give you a synopsis of the story's plot at the moment - The Zungus and Ndlovu's have joined forces to save Thandeka’s baby by getting a hold of Sunday Nkabindewho was responsible for the abduction of the child.

The Zungu's and Ndlovu's have been hellbent in finding the child and since they found out that Sunday had something to do with the child's abduction, there has been nothing but witchcraft, violence and disaster happening within the show. 

Basically, Isibaya has now turned into an action movie.

Out of everything that has been happening in the show our favourite moment aired this past Friday when Sunday called Thandeka's baby ugly. 

We did not expect that comment and neither did other viewers as well.

We really feel bad for the baby's real parents, we can only wonder how they feel after having their child referred to as mubiza.

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