It's Sun Met 2020. Want To Go?

BLOOM Gin & Greenall's Gin Are Giving You The Chance To Win Tickets.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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You know what's the only thing better than the fact that this Saturday is Sun Met 2020?

The fact that this year you can go for free because thanks to our friends and partners, Greenall's Gin and BLOOM Gin not only are we going to paint the town pink before this Saturday (and a sugar free pink, no less, more on that later) we are giving you the chance to come with us and enjoy the high life-for free.

Come with us? Yes we are already winning thanks to our gin partners, we will be there all day Saturday, doing a huge live Social Media swarm and covering the latest and greatest Sun Met moments - like:

Remember when Usain Bolt thunderbolted the Sun Met a couple of years back with Minnie Dlamini?

Or how Blue Mbombo crushed it in that amazing dress?

Well, whatever happens this year you have the chance to be right there with us.

Here's the plan-

but first let us thank Greenall's Gin and BLOOM Gin for sponsoring our entire week of Sun Met coverage, as well as our live coverage of the event on Saturday and on top of all that - giving you a chance to go.

Thanks to these amazing pink gins - and the even more amazing fact that Greenall's Wild Berry & BLOOM Jasmine & Rose Gins have zero sugar - we will bring you a complete day of the Sun Met- from the first celebrity to show up all the way up to the concert of the year with Black Coffee, Euphonik and Da Capo.

If Boity shows up again looking like this, we are there.

Boity last year at the 2019 SunMet. Photo credit:

Or if Minnie is Queen Of The Jungle again, we loved this look - or if Miss Cosmo returns, we are there and so are you if you are our winner.

Minnie Dlamini at 2019 SunMet. Photo credit: AllforWomen

Ms Cosmo dazzling at SunMet 2019. Photo Credit:

See Which Celebrities Turned Heads At Sun Met last year here

Now, sadly as only one person will win, you might want to stock up on some BLOOM Gin or Greenall's Gin or well both, so you can sit back on Saturday and follow our crack team from ZAlebs as we cover the day.

But, if you're feeling lucky then remember the theme this year is African Luxury: Visionaries. If you want to get started on planning and seeing what is in your closet then here is what you need to do.


Did you know that ZAlebs sends out the hottest news via our WhatsApp Group?

Well, you'd want to sign up just for that, but we also do some amazing contests for our followers - like this one where you can win 2 free tickets to the Sun Met.

Here's what you do - simply WhatsApp message us your name and number on 0764077867 before Thursday. Everyone who is part of the group will be entered into the contest and one lucky follower will win 2 free tickets to the Sun Met on Saturday thanks to our good friends @BloomGinSA and @GreenallsGinSA.

It is tickets only - getting to Kenilworth and the front gate in your amazing African Visionary outfit is totally up to you. But we hope you win and we hope to see you there.

Or remember to meet us on Social Media on Saturday-

ZAlebs Facebook
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ZAlebs Twitter

We will be there all day and most importantly, so will you. Mingling with Mzansi's finest.


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Just a note about summer, gin, gin and tonics and what we learned from our friends at BLOOM GIN and Greenall's - do you know that some gins have up to 90 grams of sugar per liter while Greenall's Wild Berry and BLOOM Jasmine and Rose Gins are deliciously sugar free? We didn't know either but now we do - and you do too. 
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