Celeb Look Alikes: Jay Z and Kabelo Moremi

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Jay-Z 

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Jay Z is absolutely unmissable in both his voice and his looks. But hasn't anyone ever noticed that he bears a STRIKING reseblance with Kabelo Moremi? We have, and here are a few uncanny bits of resemblance between the two celebs: 

Here we can see that the two share a love for the popular "Nerd" Glasses. Kabelo, on the left, definitely looks like a young Jigga


Even from the side, the features can't be denied. The nose, the facial expressions, it's all there!

And the comparison wouldn't be complete without a shot of Jay-Z (Left) in his trademark Ray-Bans. Kabelo, not to be outdone, matches his lookalike! 

Fun Facts about Kabelo Moremi: 

  • Currently studying Law at Wits University
  • He’s part of a Hip Hop group called Fratpacker with his older brother
  • You can also find Kabelo on TV as the presenter of Yotv’s Extension 4
  • Campus radio station DJ
  • He loves sneakers
  • Possibly Jay-z’s long lost child (ok we just made that up)

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