Jub Jub Fires Back At TK Nciza


By  | Aug 10, 2020, 01:14 PM  | Jub Jub 

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Remember when Jub Jub's bodyguards manhandled Jahman a cheater from last week's episode? Viewers were not happy about the lack of respect and dignity awarded to cheaters. Among the disgruntled masses was, TK Nciza who said the show was fake.

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He said it was all an act and that he would show the bodyguards who is boss if they ever tried anything with him. "This show is fake never. Even the vulnerable have family that can protect them .It’s acting all of this. Generally we can’t allow such violent conduct it’s very wrong. Let them try it on you mfana wam I will show them."

Well Jub Jub didn't take very kindly to the message and is now telling TK Nciza to back off or else. He even trolled him for his 'failed' stint as a politician.

I'm not sure how to address you, you need to decide if your a businessman, celebrity, politician or socialite, my show is fake until i show up where you are, you think I don't have anything on you. Ungangisukeli I respect you and thats as far as it goes #JubJub

Clearly he knows something about TK, we don't! Kipha amafiles bro. 

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