Does fame come with fortune? KB Motsilanyane answers

All that glitters is not gold, especially in the entertainment industry

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | KB Motsilanyane 

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She had a new album out, on Backstage and featuring in international movies but that did not result in money for KB

If you think getting into the entertainment industry will make you rich in an instant, you better think again. Some people are under the impression that just because someone is famous, it means they're making bank.  

When asked if fame comes with fortune, KB Motsilanyane told Rams Mabote on Metro FM recently. "Not always, it depends where your focus is. Like I say, my first run, I'll say my first run as an artist it didn't..." 

Although she had a lot going for her at the time, it doesn't mean she was making money. "So, it was the album, it was Backstage and it was the movie Ali - they all launched at the same time. But it didn't translate into fortune at all and that is why I thought to myself 'I cannot, I cannot keep doing this. I have to stop and re-look at this, rework and start over. So, from this point, yeah." 

When asked if she has ever been broke, the singer and actress replied: "Oh yes, absolutely, I have and yo it was actually a couple of years ago, quite a while ago. I think it was before, just after Backstage..." 

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