Can you do the Khabonina pose?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Khabonina Qubeka 

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In blank stare news today, Khabonina rattled the nation a bit (well at least the ladies) when a picture of her leg towering a Jeep SUV made its rounds on social media.  There is no way you can’t look at this picture and not gasp or let out an emphatic, “Yoh!” The very flexible choreographer and Step up or Step Out judge absolutely enjoyed the twitter attention laughing away at all the shocked mentions she was receiving.  One follower even claimed she actually stopped the Jeep from falling with that accurate 90 degree pose, however instead of seeing this pose as an inspiration some ladies saw this as a threat which we found to be somewhat hilarious.

Damn, Khabodacious, give other ladies a chance to get there too. As a side note, we definitely believe that a dance off between Khabonina and Dr Malinga is in order! 

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