The Cat Is Finally Out Of The Bag

King Tee Dee makes a big announcement

By  | Jun 17, 2021, 07:56 PM 

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Multi-award-winning Namibian musician King Tee Dee has revealed that he has ventured into insurance after taking a hiatus from the music scene. The musician rose to superstardom with his first album in 2003 and he never looked back.

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King Tee Dee has been making great strides in the industry and he has numerous solid business ventures. Taking to his social media accounts today he revealed that his dream to have his own insurance company has finally come true.

"I took a break from music to work on this project and finally it is approved. Let’s keep the money in Namibia and grow the economy. Mshasho Insurance and owned by Namibians. Let’s create employment."

King Tee Dee's last collaboration was with decorated musician Tate Buti and he hinted at quitting.

"Personally I feel like I achieved all I wanted in music. Currently, I'm not really inspired to record music, Tate Buti was Lucky to get me in the studio which I just did 10 minutes of recording & left. I feel like doing something new totally out of music that can challenge me."

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