It's Linda Mtoba's Time To Shine

The new face of Vaseline spills the tea

By  | Mar 31, 2022, 12:47 PM

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Actress, content creator, mother and now Vaseline's first ever local Brand Ambassador - Linda Mtoba is only just getting started.

Here, The River actress spills the tea on life in front of the camera.

What does it feel like to be Vaseline's first ever brand ambassador?
It feels like a dream. It’s a surreal and amazing feeling to be young, black and blessed with this opportunity and I can’t wait to make an impact with it. 

What does owning your beauty mean to you?
It means being happy - I always say that beauty is an inward to outward perspective. Many people rely on compliments to build their self-esteem but you need to feel good to look good. Confidence that comes from within radiates beautifully.

What beauty tips would you like to pass on to your daughter Bean, are there any that have been passed on from the women in your family to you?
We all use Vaseline in my household - it matters and it’s an integral part of our beauty routine Especially when it comes to moisture. Moisturising is very important to me and I entrust the same principles to my daughter to take care of her skin because our skin takes care of us.

How do you use Vaseline both for yourself and for Bean?
We never leave the house without it on. Moisture matters to me a lot, skin needs to feel good all day. Bean loves putting Vaseline on her lips, she’ll pretend it’s lipgloss and give me tons of kisses. Vaselines has so many uses from head to toe- I’ll sometimes use Vaseline as a lubricant in some of the crannies of her squeaky toys that’s a mom life hack.
You've spoken before about the transition from teacher to TV star - what would you say to any women still trying to chase their dreams?
Keep dreaming, manifest and work towards it. Chase your dreams on your feet. Your efforts will materialise.

Have you gotten used to being recognised - between TV and your content creation you must be recognised everywhere you go?
It’s always such a fun experience to meet someone who recognises me and I love that because I love connecting with people, especially fans and I always make it a point to get to know a bit more about them  and to embrace them as they embrace me.

What would people be really surprised to know about you?
I am an open book but I suppose it would surprise people to know that I don’t eat idombolo and jeqe. They’re staple foods in many African households but not my favourites.

What does being an African woman in 2022 mean to you?
The beginning of greatness! I aspire for African women to elevate, aim for more, take up space and own their territory. The feats African women have accomplished thus far is testament to our vast potential. We’re still doing “firsts” and I’ve only just scratched the surface. This is just the beginning.

What is the biggest change you've noticed within yourself since you had your daughter?
Women in my career delay having kids due to the complexities of starting a family and fear that we may jeopardise our careers. Of course, I was ecstatic and wanted to welcome my child, especially with my husband but I was faced with the hurdle of possibly having no work because I was pregnant. I missed out on a lot but the birth of my daughter became my biggest blessing and redirected me to better opportunities. I want to be an example of what a black woman can achieve not only for my daughter but for every other child looking up to me.

Can you tell us any secrets from your time working in TV?
Behind-the-scenes be friendly and open to learning and wanting to do better - also align yourself with people who nurture your potential. I always say go to work as a blank outlined drawing and allow people to colour you in.
Do you feel pressure to only post the positives on IG or to live as a role model?
No. I share a lot of my reality. I speak about my anxiety and the changes my body experienced while I was pregnant; or about motherhood and how some days are exhausting and tough. On Instagram people are always chasing perfection that’s unrealistic and completely unrelatable. Day to day life is my content that’s how I remain authentic and I encourage people to just be human.

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