Bar Leader TV's Legend Manqele partners up with Boity

Legend Manqele chats to us about venturing into pharmaceuticals as well as what's next for Bar Leader TV 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Legend Manqele 

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Bar Leader TV's Legend Manqele partners up with Boity

We’re not sure how many of you actually watch SA’s most popular shows right up until the end credits but if you’ve seen the company names Don’t Look Down TV and New Vision Pictures then you would have to be familiar with the name, Legend Manqele. 

During his time with those production companies as well as with his own, Bar Leader TV, Manqele has worked on shows such as Rich Kids season 2, The Cover, Dineo’s Diary, Being Bonang and Living the Dream With Somizi

HIs latest venture, however, is quite the departure from the TV space as he is one of three partners in the latest pharmaceutical company to hit the market, called Human Limitless.

Knowing Manqele’s history, the first question that naturally comes to mind is “why pharmaceutical company?” 

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“I’ve always set myself up for business so business as you know is an array of things. So, why specifically a pharmaceutical company? It’s simple, it’s because a friend needed the solution of a business man behind her and her idea. This is not my idea, this something I put my muscle behind,” explained Manqele during the launch of Human Limitless’ flagship product, Boity Toning Support.  

“It is an industry that we can go into with research and lots of hard work,” he added, before going on to say, “through hard work and focus, we can do it. I believe in God and God has told me that this is the right path to go on” 

The guest speaker of the evening, Khanyi Dhlomo spoke very highly and fondly of both Manqele and Thulo. The Ndalo Media and Mentor Feed founder seems to have played a very big role in mentoring and guiding the young pair. 

Boity Toning Support launch
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When asked what advice he has for those looking to access the opportunities provided by Dhlomo and Mentor Feed, Manqele said “Mentor Feed is an array of opportunities within the growth space and Khanyi Dhlomo has always been close to the idea of growing people and making sure people are aware of who they are and what they can do. So one should align with their inner self and be sure of who they are before jumping into things of that nature.” 

“What she mentors is people who want to pay it forward. When you command that sort of space and have access to those sorts of opportunities, you need to align with something so much more than you are. It’s important that you impact lives that could possibly change the world,” explained Manqele. 

During our chat, he also revealed that Bar Leader TV is looking at a popular South African male as the lead for their next reality project and we’re itching to know who that may be. Maps Maponyane? Riky Rick? Cassper Nyovest?

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They’re also looking into creating a TV drama and are in the final stages of securing a deal that will see them produce a project for the international market.  

“My vision for Bar Leader is for it to become a hub for those who were once like me or are like me. For those who really couldn’t find a door [into] the industry and get their ideas out there. I know I don’t come across like one but I really am a poster child for people in that space… in that initial phase”

He alluded to the fact the he comes from humble beginnings and that is what has fueled his will to succeed. “That is why we fight for all our products,” he added. 

“It’s brilliant for us to have such brand names in our company you know…? We’re young, we’re interesting and we’re interested.” 

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