Lerato Kganyago Is Livin' It Up In Dubai

Sis is serving major soft life goals with her vacation snaps

By  | Nov 12, 2021, 04:42 PM 

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If there is anyone who knows how to enjoy a holiday it is radio host Lerato Kganyago. Every time sis goes on holiday she leaves us green with envy and we are here for it.

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Lerato recently jetted off to Dubai for some much needed relaxation time and she is definitely enjoying her life to the fullest . From bubble baths, beach views, car poses, champopo's and brunches Lerato is taking over Dubai and she is once again giving us vacation goals.

It is no secret that Lerato works hard and plays hard. The past couple of months have been exhausting to her and she is taking advantage of the relaxed lockdown regulations.

Lerato and her husband Thami Ndlala recently hogged the headlines after they announced they were getting married. However, 2 months down the line, everyone was shocked when Lerato announced that they were getting a divorce citing that they didn't have time to invest in their relationship.

What shocked people, even more, was that Thami was allegedly a fraudster who had defrauded numerous retired people of their investments, He claimed he would make a lot of money for them through his forex trading company.

Although Lerato responded to the fraud and infidelity claims by telling her followers not to comment on issues they know nothing about, Thami found himself in trouble again. Ndlala and a friend were allegedly in trouble again for buying two luxury vehicles using fraudulent documents.

Speaking on the allegations of him being an alleged fraudster and conman, Thami had said that those were attempts to slander his name.

“These allegations are devoid of all truth. I find it curious that people wish to remain anonymous. It seems to me like a further attempt to slander my good name. There are legal procedures available to all citizens if they feel money is due to them.

“No such legal documentation had been served on me. This seems like a failed attempt to litigate and the media has become a forum for such litigation for the cowardly faceless who seek popularity,”
he had said at the time.

Lerato recently revealed to her fans that she suffered yet another miscarriage this year, making her 4th miscarriage.

“Yes, I had a miscarriage this year again. Yes, it was my fourth miscarriage. But I’m okay. I was three or four months pregnant and unfortunately, I lost my baba. This is something that I didn’t want to discuss but since we’re having an honest night. Yes, I was pregnant this year.”

Despite losing 3 pregnancies, Lerato said she had really hoped this one coms through but unfortunately it did not happen.

“I was looking forward to this pregnancy and I thought this time around I had made it through because I’ve been trying so hard for a while. I thought this time around I had made it through because I had been trying so hard for a while.” 

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