Supreme Court Rules In Lerato Sengadi's Favour

She did not cower

By  | May 01, 2020, 07:30 AM  | Lerato Sengadi 

It's been 2 years since Hip Hop giant HHP died but his customary wife Lerato Sengadi has been fighting for the right to be recognised as his lawful wife.

Following the rapper's death, his family barred Lerato from the funeral and all other affairs pertaining to the life and death of the rapper because they didn't recognise her as his legal wife.

At the time the Tsambo family spokesperson went on record to say:

"I would like to put this matter to rest and categorically state on record that Ms Sengadi is not, and was never married to Jabulani. She is not his wife!"

Lerato hit back, went to the High court and won but despite her High court win, she hadn't received anything from her husband's estate.

“As it stands NOTHING that was awarded 2 me in my previous High Court win was handed over. Hopefully, after Friday, this messy ordeal will be over. #IWillNotCower,”

The family appealed the judgement on the 6th of March this year. 

The Supreme Court has finally put the matter to rest. 

It seems justice has finally prevailed and Lerato can now hold her head high as the late rapper's wife.

The erection of a tombstone for the rapper has been another contentious issue with Lerato previosly lashing out at trolls on Twitter over it.

I can afford to erect a Stone for my husband. If I was allowed to!!! Infact I would have had it done on the same day as his funeral. But Ke ..

Don’t u even fucken try!!!! Ask his family why there isn’t a proper stone there?! Do u think I would let this kind of shit happen if it was in my control?! A stone fit for the King he is would have been erected SAME DAY!! So ask them!"

She vows to erect one when the lockdown ends.

She can finally put the matter behind her and heal. 

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