No Snap Back? Lexi Van Keeps It Real

Reality Star Lexi Van Says She's Got A FUPA

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Lexi van Niekerk 

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Reality TV star Lexi Van hasn't "snapped back" like other celeb mothers and she's not happy about it.  

The star gave birth to her son in April last year and feels she hasn't got her post-baby body back yet. Lexi referred to her bodily changes and admitted that she feels uncomfortable and unattractive.

The reality is that not everyone is as lucky as women like Ciara, who can snap back to having their pre-pregnancy bodies having a baby. Most women, don't do it within 10 working days and Lexi Van is giving it to us straight.

Lexi Van and her bae, Mandla  had their first child in April last year and are having a blast being parents. But, Lexi isn't too happy with the way she looks and feels since giving birth. According to Lexi, she has gained a FUPA (Fat Upper Pelvic Area) that is unattractive and uncomfortable.

She opened up on social media about her body changes after some tweeted, 'Normalize FUPAs' a statement which Lexi vehemently disagreed with.

Despite the compliments the new mom was receiving last year, with many commenting on how she looks amazing and is positively glowing, she admits that she can't help how she feels.

She's been heralded as a positive influence and in one of her posts, she encouraged new moms to be kind to themselves.

“New moms. I’m 3 weeks post-partum and the way my body has changed has truly affected me. Pregnancy is beautiful and I am so blessed to have experienced it. But one can’t help but notice the physical changes.”

We love that she's letting us know the reality about postpartum changes. Lexi closed off by saying she's hoping to look better by the time March 2020 roll in rolls in.

If that's what she's planning on doing, we can't wait to see it- but no pressure girl!

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