Manxebe Gets Canceled


By  | Jul 20, 2021, 09:33 PM 

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Kwaito sensation Manxebe left his fans fuming after reportedly unfollowing several accounts on his Twitter account and only leaving four.

Manxebe is never one to mince his words and he does not have time to nurse celebrities’ feelings. The only celebrities he follows on Twitter include TopCheri, Sunny Boy, Exit, and Emtee 

Soon after reaching 10 000 followers on Twitter, he got in trouble with his fans and they started unfollowing him for his actions. Since then, his number of followers has decreased to less than 9800.
Another Namibian celeb who received massive backlash for not following anyone on Instagram is Robyn Nakaambo. In 2020 fans dragged her on Twitter and even said she is the "Queen B " of Namibia.

Speaking to the Namibian Sun she said she even went to the police after some made defamatory remarks against her.

“I refuse to be a doormat for people who disregard people’s feelings and stand firm in making an example of the cyberbullies in my recent predicament.

“I collected all the threads of defamatory content written about me and presented it to the community police, who assisted me in contacting two culprits and asking them to publicly apologise for the false accusations they wrote about me." She told the publication.

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