Masasa Shoots Her Shot

She scored!

By  | Apr 11, 2021, 09:12 AM  | Masasa Mbangeni 

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Actress Masasa Mbangeni is in love and has no plans to leave her cocoon with TV producer Gwydion Beynon. While fans have known about their romance for months now, it came as a shock to learn that Masasa was the one who had asked him out first!

She is not the only one, Bontle Modiselle was the one who made the first move on husband Priddy Ugly and clearly she scored becuase they have been together for a decade now.

'Shot your shot, you won't die' Masasa encourages fans.

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Masasa Mbangeni’s praise for her lovely mom

The former Scandal actress Masasa Mbangeni is a very private human being and her social media posts are usually focused career. Of late, she has strayed from this habit and has lately been letting her fans into her life and sharing a few glimpses of the people who are most significant in her life.

Masasa Mbangeni wished her mother a happy birthday with a black and white photo of herself with her mother.

In a beautiful, heartfelt message, Masasa mentioned that her mother who is a front line worker for more than 30 years, was on duty at the hospital even on her birthday.

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Masasa Mbangeni rubbishes pregnancy rumors

One of the flip sides of being a celebrity for Masasa Mbangeni is that she is always in the spotlight and fans are always scrutinizing her private life.

Possibly one of Mzansi's most talented and favorite actresses, the former Scandal actress has been dating producer bae Gwydion Beynon.

Her fans felt that she has put on some weight of late and quizzed her if she is pregnant.

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Masasa Mbangeni fields offensive questions from fans

Masasa Mbangeni in a series of tweets, have asked her female fans to stop posing uncomfortable questions.

When the former Scandal! actress posted a photograph of her and fellow co-star Siyabonga Twala, she was affronted by a series of invasive questions from her female followers, who wanted to know if the actor is a good kisser.

Masasa Mbangeni told her followers that such questions sound rapey and uncalled for. 

"Please don’t ask me if the men I work with are nice kissers. I don’t know but something sounds rapey, opportunistic and high key predatory about that sort of rhetoric. I can’t demand safe sets and also be answering such. Integrity to me means your word congruent with you actions," she said.

Here's an Instagram post where Masasa’s pledges against sexual harassment


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Masasa Mbangeni on her death in Scandal!

Masasa Mbangeni's death on the drama Scandal! left her viewers and fans in deep sorrow as they were not ready to bid goodbye to the much-loved but also hateful character of Thembeka Shezi.

When a fan on Twitter said that Thembeka character shouldn't have died, Masasa responded by letting her know there was no other way but for her to die as it was pitched to her six months ago.

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