Mbulelo Katise spoke to us about his future plans

Actor Mbulelo Katise is grown up & he isnt afraid to show it

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Mbulelo Katise 

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We first met him on Generations as a young boy & he has grown right in front our eyes.

Mbulelo Katise Draft

We took some time out to chat to actor and writer Mbulelo Katise, the rising star has been on our TV screens for more than 10 years.

He has been in two of the biggest Soapies in South Africa before the age of 21, this is one of his proudest career achievements 

Mbulelo started acting in 2004 when he was just 11 years old, the talented actor is now grown up, he is ready to branch into his other passions

Mbulelo Katise Draft

Not only is he an actor, he is also a Media Practices student. 

When asked what he does when he isn't acting, the Scandal actor had a long list of things he does in his down time, he is also an MC, a designer and an events coordinator.

Even though some of these things may be considered work, he states that he thoroughly enjoys them

With a new fashion line, Nutribe in the works, he is a very busy guy that juggles a lot.

Mbulelo considers himself an all rounder, he is not willing to box himself into one category of entertainment.

He is passionate about learning new things and advancing his career, with no formal training, Mbulelo is doing a great job as an actor, he does not have a dream role that he would like like to play, Mbulelo just wants to keep acting, "I would love to be on film, a series and anything else I can show off my acting chops on."

Mbulelo Katise Draft

Mbulelo would also like to complete a cooking course, he lists cooking as one of his passions and hopes to open a restaurant soon.

Travelling is also on the cards for the actor, he wants to visit as many places out of South Africa and expand his reach, like a lot of actors, the star would like to make it big in Hollywood. 

He has a long term girlfriend, they have been together for 6 years and he attributes his calmness to that, he says that besides his very supportive family, his girlfriend keeps him in check.

When asked how he handles attention from his many female fans, he simply says, "I treat everyone with respect, and I do not let the attention get to my head, I am  focused on my career."

"If you know who you are, it is not easy to stray off track, knowing who I am also helps me focus more on my vision."

Mbulelo is also a firm believer in saving money and building wealth. The actor would also love to start producing and taking an authoritative stand in the industry. 

It is quiet evident that Mbulelo will have a long career in entertainment, we wish him all the best

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