Mi Casa makes Cape Town jika

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | MiCasa 

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Mi Casa had Cape Townians on their feet as they officially kicked off the 10th birthday celebrations of the Cape Town International Conventional Centre at a one-night-only event on Friday. 
The promise beforehand was a party that will keep you dancing the night away and that’s exactly what happened. Renowned Cape Town DJ Vernon Carver opened the event before the popular local house trio made up of Dr Duda, J’Something and MoT took to the stage with new songs and plus some old favourites and cover songs. 
They kept the crowd on its feet and once again showed why they have come so far and why almost all of their shows are continuously sold out. To add to the party hysteria, Mi Casa brought a friend along in the form of Jimmy Nevis. The Cape Town-based singer and Mi Casa frontman, J’Something, doubled up and showed their chops when they belted out a few songs together. 
The party kept pumping once the group left the stage thanks to Cape Town DJs Andy Carr and Tyrone Paulsen.  It was a night to remember and a fantastic way for the CTICC to celebrate turning 10. They showed that Friday the 13th can be a good day after all.
If you want to party with the acts that appeared at the show, keep up with them on Twitter so that you know where they’re at. 
MiCasa - @MiCasaMusic
Vernon Carver - @djvernoncarver
Tyrone Paulsen - @tyronepaulsen
CTICC - @CTICC_Official
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