Mihlali On How Black Tax Motivates Her In Life

The influencer has revealed her family responsibilities.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase 

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Beauty influencer and Youtube extraordinaire Mihlali Ndamase has revealed how Black Tax motivates her in life. The phenomenon  Black Tax refers to the extra money that black professionals are expected to cough out every month to support their less fortunate families.

In a thread on social media, the influencer revealed that she also has some family responsibilities that she is expected to fulfill in her life. It is no secret that Mihali is a workaholic.

The influencer has been making great strides in her career ever since she shot to fame, she has managed to create a sustainable career from just being an influencer and a vlogger. Now Mihlali is ranked as South Africa's best beauty influencer and charges big bucks to endorse a product. According to reports, she charges R 25 000 per social media post.

In her thread Mihlali said she is looking after her two cousins and pays for one's tuition fees at varsity. “I'm 24, looking after my baby cousin, who is in her first year of university while preparing to put my baby sister through school very soon,” she said.

The influencer said this serves as a motivation to even work more harder in life. “I no longer just work for myself, which motivates me to push harder,” she added.

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Mihlali is undoubtedly born with beauty and brains and it is heartwarming to hear that she is passionate about the lives of her family members. Fans swarmed her social media post with motivational messages and hailed her for fulfilling her family's responsibilities.

In 2018 the influencer blessed her mom with a brand new car.

Mihlali and her family

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