Is This Mihlali Ndamase's Vindication Moment?

After all the trolling, she might have been on the clear all this time

By  | Jul 21, 2022, 04:02 PM

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After a storm of social media trolling week after week, social media darling and influencer Mihlali Ndamase might just be finally vindicated. This comes after the new information that may be clearing her of home-wrecking and cheating with a married man.

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Mihlali Ndamase have heard it all and weathered all the storm of trolling, slandering and defamation thus far. This comes after the news of being linked with a married Leeroy Sidambe. Once the news has made it to the social media streets, tweeps started to breath fire down Mihlali Ndamase's neck for home-wrecking.

However, with the new information that has unraveled from the popcornroomrsa, claiming that in fact Leeroy Sidambe and wife Mary-Jane Sidambe's marriages was already rocky when Mihlali Ndamase was linked with them.

The news surrounding Leeroy and Mary-Jane Sidambe's marriage claims that the pair have been having issues within their union and as it turns out, Mary-Jane Sidambe may have allegedly been unfaithful in her marriage.

"Earlier on it was reported tht Leeroy Sidambe left his wife of many years for Mihlali Ndamase. However it has come to our attention that there was already trouble in paradise for Leeroy Sidambe and his wife Mary-Jane Sidambe" wrote ThePopcornroomrsa
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In a turn of events, that has shook social media is that Mary-Jane Sidambe has been alleged to infidelity, unfaithfulness while having a relationship outside of her marriage with Leeroy Sidambe. The man claimed to have been having an affair with Mary-Jane Sidambe is businessman Thabo Emmanuel Rabali.

"It is alleged that Mary-Jane had an affair with businessman Thabo Emmanuel Rabali while she was still married to Leeroy. The affair ended after 5 years" wrote The Popcornroomrsa

Social media has come to Mihlali Ndamase's defense, as this new information may have just vindicated her from all the trolling and social media slandering she has endured ever since she was once spotted with Leeroy Sidambe. Taking to Twitter, tweeps are jumping for joy after learning that Mihlali Ndamase might not be the home-wrecker that she has been labelled to be.

"YiWishi wishi!! Musa should leave Mihlali alone now shes not dating someone's husband" wrote Dollar Rose
"Y'all called Mihlali names and some of y'all even sent DMs to her mom insulting her, now that you know Mary cheated with someone for 5 years and Leroy left her for mihlali, are y'all going to apologize or leswaba individually?" wrote Lorrencia Ncube
"Mihlali Ndamase was called names bathong now the truth is out that Mary Jane wenu cheated for 5 years with a millionaire that's why Leroy left her so vele there's no apology to Mimi??" wrote Lorrencia Ncube
Mihlali Ndamase have not taken to social media to bask in the glory of her being vindicated. Meanwhile tweeps are calling out Musa Khawula to sincerely apologize to her after all the bad reporting that he has been running on her name.

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