Mihlali Ndamase To Quit Her Job For Her Man

She's being trolled for her 'non-existent' job

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YouTuber and award-winning influencer Mihlali Ndamase may be gunning for a stay home girlfriend role, following her recent revelation on Twitter. Ndamase wants to quit her job so she focus on catering for her man.

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While the whole of Mzansi is still trying to figure out who is really Mihlali Ndamase's boyfriend. Ndamase has just shocked the social media streets as she hints on wanting to quit her job in order to be a stay home girlfriend while taking care of her boyfriend.

"I wana quit my job and focus on catering to my man" wrote Mihlali Ndamase
Some of Mihlali Ndamase's fans and followers have shown nothing but support to this decision that she wants to embark on. And while some tweeps with their whole chest to share in the same sentiments while sharing their own stories of quitting their own jobs to take care of their men.

Taking to social media, tweeps have fully seconded Mihlali Ndamase to take upon this decision as they have dubbed it the best thing she could ever do.

"Fair! I resigned from mine last week, so I can serve umntu wam" wrote Khanyisa
"I would love that boo" wrote Young Prince
"Please do, if he's treating you right please do" wrote Madam Zoe
While some tweeps are rallying behind Mihlali Ndamase to try out the stay home girlfriend role, other tweeps are not jumping for joy for this decision she wants to take. Taking to Twitter, another tweep have made it pretty obvious that if her man really love her, he would not allow her to do that.

Since Mihlali Ndamase is the most praised and successful influencer, some of her fans would not stomach her throwing away all her dreams for a man.

"If he's treating her right, he won't let her throw away her dreams. He'd motivate her and keep her pushing her till her achieves all she has ever dreamed of" wrote Vindicated Queen
In the same token, some tweeps have gravely questioned Mihlali Ndamase's job that she wants to quit. Making a mockery of her YouTube and influencer jobs, tweeps are certainly not buying that these are actually real job that one can brag about.

Taking to social media, tweeps have thrown jabs at Mihlali Ndamase for wanting to quit her job so she can simply take care of her man.

"What is your job again??" wrote Sbusiso Wethu?
"Which job sweerie?" wrote Thaletlo
Whether or not Mihlali Ndamase is her woman of her word, only time will time. And although she has been linked to a number of men that she could be possibly dating but the most recent one being Leeroy Sibande who is married to Maryjane Sibande. Sibande may or may not be the man she is referring to.

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