A moment of appreciation for the Dube brothers

Buhle, Mtho and Sihle Dube are such a catch

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM 

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Dube brothers

The Dube brothers are such a talented group of young men and apart from their good looks, the three gentlemen are great gospel musicians too.

With a successful debut album under their belt titled, Step Up and a father who has been in the industry for years on end, it is safe to say that the Dube brothers are here for the long-run.

Buhle, Mtho and Sihle have a great following that has appreciated their music and influence in the gospel industry since they stepped in to bless us with their art.

Fans of the brothers constantly praise the young men for the craft and humility.

Others are even waiting for their next musical offering, the pressure!

Having a father who is a gospel singer, you would think that being raised by a man like Benjamin Dube was a challenging for the brothers. 

In their 2014 interview with IOL the brothers mentioned that being raised by Benjamin wasn't as strict as some people perceived it.

"Look, he is a firm dad, so we are not saying he was simply a walkover. He had us disciplined whenever he felt the need, but I am grateful that he made us believe in him, to be our friend.” Said the brothers.

Once again, let's not forget how good looking the brothers are we're sure some ladies go to their church every Sunday just to get a glance at the three guys for a couple of hours.

Dube Brothers

These three gentlemen have great looks, may they continue to thrive in their musical careers and doesn't the middle one in the below picture look like Omarion?


Image Credit: Instagram

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