Dr Musa Mthombeni explores South America with friends

The world is his oyster. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Musa Mthombeni 

Musa Mthombeni

Former child star turned doctor and television host, Musa Mthombeni has set the blueprint of what living one's dream looks like. The doctor and television host seemingly balances his TV and doctor duties effortlessly.

Earlier this year, Musa Mthombeni lost one of his closest friends, Akhumzi Jezile in a tragic car accident and since his passing, the media personality has been open about his loss. Shortly after Akhumzi's passing, Musa took to Twitter to express how he was still in disbelief. 

"Everyday I see something hilarious and start the process of wanting to send you a screenshot or call you. Then I remember that you aren’t here anymore. I still can’t believe this,” he tweeted.

And now, just a few months after his best friend's passing, it's great to see the Trending SA co-host in high spirits, traveling and exploring the world. He is currently on vacation with a group of friends, and they visited South American countries Brazil and Argentina. 

Happy Monday from sunny and beautiful Brazil! 🇧🇷

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Track list wish list being ticked!

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Before jetting off to South America, he went to Cape Town and as usual, shared the visuals on Instagram. 

Touristy (read thirsty) destinations.

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Angithi it’s Monday? Sho. Yenzani ke!

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Main image credit: instagram.com/@drmusamthombeni