Mzansi Magic Issues Statement On Mnakwethu Backlash

They aim at evoking and not provoking emotions

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM 

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Mzansi Magic has issued a statement with regards to the backlash Mnakwethu has received from viewers.

Social media came guns blazing attacking host Musa Mseleku because of the blatant disrespect the show allegedly shows towards women.

Labelled 'sexist' and 'humiliating' Musa, tried to defend the show by saying "I don't wait to take personal offence because Mnakwethu isn't my show. I'm only a host because I am also a polygamist. I also don't care for the personal slander because I am sure of who and what I am."

Mzansi Magic issued a statement saying; "The show was not intended to bring harm to the women featured in it, the Zulu culture and most importantly its host Musa Mseleku,

"We are a platform that provides compelling content which is aimed at evoking and not provoking emotions through illustrating societal norms that reflect the dynamics that come with marriage and mistresses."

Viewers are still not impressed with the show and their statement did not change their stance. They continue to criticize the show heavily.

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Picture credit: Twitter/@Mzansimagic
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