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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Naak MusiQ 

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 He’s better known as the handsome “M.J” on South Africa’s most loved soapie Generations, but what most don't know about Anga Makubalo is that he's quite the vocalist making raving reviews with his hits single Qina.  ZAlebs sat down with the young man to delve deeper into his career as a musician.
How did the collaboration between you and DJ Sbu come about when releasing the single Qina?
Qina was actually my single which was going to be the first song to be released from my debut album, so that day I was at the MetroFM studios promoting the single to the music compiler.  I then remembered that DJ Sbu was sitting in for T-BoTouch. I then approached him about the song, he listened to it immediately and absolutely fell in love with Qina. He eventually called me half an hour later telling me how he’s been repeating the song, suggesting that we promote the song via his new compilation album that’s coming up and the rest is history hey.
When do you plan on releasing your album as there’s been quite a few date setbacks for its release?
Yea, there have been some delays because of the acting side of my career and just me constantly being on set which makes it a bit tricky when it comes to making time for my studio sessions, but I’m finally finished with the album and it should be coming out either end of September or October so people should keep a look out for it, it's going to be something real special.
You’ve mentioned that you have a crazy imagination & create many fantasy scenarios,which song in your 
upcoming album best describes the creativity of your crazy imagination?
 All of the songs basically, but there’s a particular song on the album titled ‘All time Jazz’ and seeing that the album title is Love & Music I compare a girl to those two aspects of my album title, the lyrics go a little something like this: 
“You’re my piano, you’re my guitar, you’re my music, girl you’re my star”
So I just thought of it out of the blue because first of all the album is titled Love & Music so I then decided to combine both of these aspects to create a song and from then on I just kept on writing and writing.  
That’s quite a romantic description of a girl, is NaakMusiq involved, is there a special lady you’ve dedicated the song to?
[Laughs] not at all, let’s just say that song is for all the ladies.
Does the public still view you as egotistical?
The only way we know that we’re viewed in that way by the public is through social media, I have those odd people tweeting about me being arrogant but I’ve never had anyone approach me and complain about the type of person I am. However, I will maybe meet one or two people who will actually say that I’m quite a nice guy and how their conception of me was misconstrued by someone else and you never understand why someone would think that of you.  Unfortunately that’s the nature of the entertainment industry, sometimes you get targeted before you even do anything, or maybe they’ve caught me on a bad day and I unfortunately looked like I was a mean or egotistical person but being in the public eye you never know why some people view you the way they do, but honestly I’m a peoples person, I always make time for my fans and it’s an absolute pleasure in meeting people who admire my work.
Let’s talk about your other love the BMW M4, when are you planning on purchasing it and can ZAlebs come through to have test drive with you? 
You know what, I just got the new BMW 3 Series so I kind of have to pay for that for the next five years, but if all goes well with the music and the acting who knows by the end of 2014 I’ll be driving that M4 and ZAlebs can come through and take a ride with me!
Do you have a sound cloud account where people can listen to your latest material?
I unfortunately don’t hey, but the DJ’s that I work with do put up my songs on their websites so it’s pretty simple if people Google NaakMusiq a lot of my songs will pop up, that’s actually one of the best ways one can find my music on the net.
Anga "NaakMusiq" Makubalo a man of many talents and great looks.
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