[PIC]: Nasty C Gets New Tattoo!

...On his stomach.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Nasty C 

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Nasty C has literally gone into great lengths at integrating his music into body art inspiration.

The 23 year old tattooed the title of his upcoming album, Zulu Man With Some Power on the right side of his torso. It's always been evident that the Hell Naw rapper takes his work seriously, but an actual tattoo to drive this point? Wow! - we were never ready!

Nasty C's previous albums, Strings and Blings and Bad Hair were a resounding success, therefore this much talked about upcoming album is waited upon with bated breath.

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Trailblazing rapper Riky Rick is another artist that tattooed the title of his debut album on his torso.

Upon the release of his widely successful album, Family Values, the Boss Zonke hit maker saw it fit to honour this precious body of work in a form of a well crafted tattoo.

Album titles as tattoos?, Mmm are we looking at a trend here?

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@nastyc_sa
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