Nonku's Mom Curses At Annie Mthembu

"Unfortunately, you are going to live your life miserable"

By  | Feb 18, 2022, 11:45 AM 

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The drama between Annie, Nonku Williams and her mom is far from over. By now, it is clear that Nonku's mom who she refers to herself as "The Queen" and Annie, are officially beefing and we are here for all the drama.

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The drama began after Annie misinterpreted Nonku's mom's statement at her event. This follows after The Queen greeted the ladies and said "You all may be beautiful but not like this woman" pointing to herself.

Taking offense to her statement, Annie believed she implied they were not intelligent. She even told Nonku that she found her mom to be rude.

In this week's episode Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), the trio got together to clear the air between them. Annie was with Londie at her house when Nonku showed up with her mom. They addressed the big elephant in the room and it ended in tears. The Queen did not agree with Annie's statement that she said the ladies were not smart.

She said she would never say that. Nonku maintained that Annie is disrespectful towards her mom. The Queen also weighed in on this and cursed out Annie. She said she felt sorry for Annie because she is going to live her life "miserable."

"I don't even want to say that I am astonished, I'm disappointed. I feel very sorry for you my dear. Unfortunately, you are going to live your life miserable," she said.

Tweeps have reacted to the drama.

@mstamaar "I'm not a fan of Nonku's mother, but she never claimed they were stupid. She stated that they are not as attractive as she is. It's strange for Londie and Annie to sit there and lie. They are, after all, phony buddies."

@DeeMaKaTs0·3hAnnie & Londie owe Nonku’s mom an apology cz they really heard her incorrectly. Nonku’s mom said: “beautiful ladies…you might be beautiful but not like this woman” while pointing to her face. The whole country heard her say it. Can sum1 tell Annie this, plz!"
Viewers are warming up to Nonku's mom after recently rubbing them the wrong way. This follows after this season she still demanded Ayanda to pay for her late husband's damages. 

During the reunion of the first season of the show. Nonku’s mom made an appearance and said she got a special message for Ayanda from Mr. Williams, Nonku’s father.

She said Mr. Williams wanted Ayanda to pay damages for Sfiso and Nonku’s daughter Nothile. She said this was Sfiso’s wish before he passed on. They were slammed for attacking Ayanda and said they should have addressed this matter privately.

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