#OwnYourThrone: Was Bobby Disrespectful Towards His Mom?

Or was his mom the disrespectful one?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM 

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The manner in which Bobby related to his mother, had viewers feeling some type of way.

Last night's episode of Boity's reality show, #OwnYourThrone saw an introduction to other key members in her life - one of them was Bobby. The good homie totally dominated the comments section on Twitter.

The story-line around Bobby, involved brief but cringe-worthy interactions between himself and his mother. Although the natural state of their relationship isn't regularly documented - how they interacted last night, painted a not so beautiful picture. However, there was a fraction of viewers who believe it was Bobby's mother that was rude and disrespectful, which prompted Bobby to retaliate.

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Tweeps held different perceptions of Bobby's relationship with his mother.

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