Papa Penny Penny shares his knowledge about African traditions and diamonds

Papa Penny Penny reveals how beautiful African culture is.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Papa Penny 

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Papa Penny Penny

Not that we didn't know that already, but tonight's episode of Papa Penny Penny's reality show really renforced the importance of treasuring our traditions as Africans.

There is no doubt that Papa Penny Penny is a family man who has great respect and love for the women in his family.

Just last week we saw the man reveal his romantic side after preparing a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for his wife and daughter.

His deep love for his family continued in tonight's episode as he revealed to us his very sickly mother whom he brought a wheelchair for.

Papa Penny Penny spoke fondly of his mother and explained that no matter how old you get, you're never to old to show love, respect and take care of the woman who gave birth to you.

We also got to learn quite a lot about Papa Penny Penny's beautiful heritage.

In this episode, the Tsonga disco king had not fully paid for his wife's lobola and thus had to go through the correct traditional Tsonga ways of fully paying for his wife's lobola.

Papa Penny Penny, not only paid in full the lobola for his wife only but also to appease his ancestors which are things we rarely see on national television.

From the time his wife was fetched from her home in Pretoria to their arrival at Giyani (Penny Penny's homestead) it was interesting to learn all the cultural aspects of the Tsonga culture and how respectful the lobola process was done by both Papa Penny Penny's family and her wife's family.

And as always, a Papa Penny Penny event would not be complete without him displaying his very extravagant outfits.

Our favourite was the black feather/diamond outfit that made him feel as though he was about to fly.

Papa Penny Penny reveals his romantic side

You have to give it up to Papa Penny Penny, he's a man who commands attention and absolutely loves it!

The man really loves looking good and especially loves clothes that have a touch of bling to it.

According to Papa Penny Penny the diamonds that he wore for this episode serve as some sort of spiritual connection for him.

Papa Penny Penny reveals his romantic side

His poor designer looked so confused when the singer explained the significance of the diamonds.

To be honest, we were just as confused, but hey, this is Papa Penn Penny we're talking about, nothing is normal in his world.

So remember kids whenever you see diamonds just know that it helps keep your "spiritual energies in balance". We learn something new every Wednesday night on the Papa Penny Penny show.

Papa Penny Penny reveals his romantic side

This is not related to tonight's episode but remember when Papa Penny Penny's mom did this?

Man we really love this show, once a week is just not enough.

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