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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Pearl Modiadie 

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As you’ll have been well aware, Zalebs has been content specific to Women’s Month for the duration of August. This week we have one of our favorite women in the industry, Pearl Modiadie. We chat to the SABC 1 Presenter about her career and her message to women around the country.

Hi Pearl and Welcome to ZAlebs! We're very excited to have you on our site. You have a wide variety of skills on your repertoire; which would you say is your strongest talent? 

I think they're all equally strong and that's why I'm able to use the variety of skills that I have. I love every single thing that I do; I want to keep doing everything that I do so I find ways to better myself every day. 

It's been over 3 months since it was announced that you are joining SABC 1. How different is television to Radio, and how are you coping? 

I can tell you that the 3 months have been incredible! SABC 1 is such a wonderful family to have joined. I was on television first before I got on radio so it was very natural for me to be in front of the screens as a host again. The two mediums are completely different, but both equally fun! Radio is immediate and you get to interact with the listeners as you go. It pushes your creative juices since it's all about creating a picture for the listener since they can't see you. How am I coping with television? Oh, it's an amazing journey, also because I produce the show so I have quite a big voice when it comes to decision-making. It's also a show that is fun to host, music and celebrity journeys are quite a nice combo.

Doing a lot of things at one time can sometimes lead to one selling themselves short and not being as good at certain trades as they should be; how do you balance your different gigs?

I don't do something if it's going to compromise another. When it gets to that, I decide what to let go of. I'm a perfectionist so if I can't have it perfect, I'd rather not have it at all. This is just with my career... I'm also just taking things easy, I'm not rushing anything to happen in my life or career. I ultimately am aiming for longevity. 

Your career is going very well at the moment, what would you say are your next career goals? 

Thank you very much, I'm also very happy with the rate at which it's going. I do, however, refrain from discussing my career goals. it's the weirdest thing,I almost feel like I jinx it when I discuss it with everyone, sorry. You'll just have to find out about it when it happens!

On ZAlebs we've been running Women's Month related content for the duration of August. As a woman in an industry which gets a lot of exposure, do you feel you have the power to make more of a difference? 

Oh yes definitely, I think that God put me on this platform to serve a bigger purpose. As personalities we have the power to speak and be heard so yes, I do have the power to make more of a difference either in raising awareness about a particular cause or being part of an initiative and having the power to rope more people in.

What kinds of messages do you think women in the 'limelight' should be sending to the rest of SA? 

People are in the limelight for their own reasons so I can't speak on anyone else's behalf but mine. The message that I always try to push is based on my personal life story and my experience and it is that ''You are not your circumstance, you are who you choose to be''. I'm not from the best of backgrounds, I grew up in an informal settlement , but I didn't let that stop me from dreaming beyond my surroundings and beyond my circumstances at that moment. There are people who are worse off, people who are going through the worst of experiences and I always hope that my story will be one that inspires them to keep being hopeful and to keep going. Through hard work, anything is possible.

This has been one of the most well received "Women's Months" that I can recall. What do you think has changed this year? 

Each year, as women we are realising how important it is for us to stick together. We're looking out for each other now because I think we've come to realise that 'pulling her down will not bring you up''.

Finally if there is one message you could send to the Women of SA, what would it be? 

I got this quote from actress Salamina Mosese and I love it.  "" Zazi, Zithande , Zithembe'' - It means ''Know yourself, love yourself and trust yourself''.

I also add ''Zihloniphe'' in the mix. This means 'Respect yourself''


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