Phelo Bala on his sangoma journey

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Phelo Bala 

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Phelo Bala has opened up about his sangoma calling.

The Bala Bothers band member, who accepted his calling in 2014, recently spoke on Loyiso's (his brother) show on CliffCentral about how it all started. 

He said on the show: "I had gone down to PE (Port Elizabeth) for a funeral and after the funeral had been done, I think on a Sunday morning, no, the previous night I started to lose my mind and say all sorts of things which I didn't understand and I can't even recall. The next morning when I woke up parts of my body were not working and you know, I was still like seeing things."

He explained that a part of him understood that this was not really a medical condition that could be taken away just like that.  

"It just seemed a bit deeper than that... That's when I was taken to go and see someone who said this is what it is. And I really was scared, I mean if anybody has never told you about that before, I mean how do you react to such a thing? You sort of become numb, you don't know what to think at that moment. That's when the beginning of everything happened."

On what he's learnt about the experience, Phila told Loyiso: "The good that I took out from there is that I got to know myself, my own strength, I got to know him (being God) uhm... and I got to know about my culture actually. There was a lot that I didn't know about my culture, there as a lot I didn't know about where I come from and who was who and where was what, which was actually really interesting..." 

To those who are going through the same experience, he said: "I suggest that you talk about these things... You can't help yourself, you need to talk to different types of people who know what they are talking about..."   




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